Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Will the REAL Miwok Indians please stand up?

A Miwok house ReproductionImage via WikipediaNow that Red Hawk Casino is open by "Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians", another Miwok Indian is getting sued by this band... With a casino feeding their coffers, they can afford to.

So what's the suit about? This man, a Mr. Caballero who CAN trace his ancestry back for 100 years in El Dorado county as a Miwok Indian, through BIA and other records, claims to be the tribal historian of SSBoMI. The SSBoMI, on the other hand, don't want him to use the name SSBoMI and claims "copyright infringement". They claim that they don't doubt that he is Miwok, but he's NOT "Shingle Springs Miwok". Though he claims he is, and he represents 400 other Miwoks in the county.

However, now that a bigger issue has been raised... That perhaps SSBoMI are NOT Miwok Indians at all.

Read the comments section and make up your own mind.

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