Monday, February 2, 2009

Pre-Valentine Rant

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So Valentine's Day is supposed to be between two sweethearts... so why is it so heavily commercialized? There's bazillion candies, flowers, valentine cards, bears, and so on. You can find a WHOLE AISLE of stuff in most pharmacies for them. Argh!

Up to one BILLION cards are sent for Valentine's Day, 2nd most after Christmas.

Valentine's Day was NOT associated with love until Geoffrey Chaucer added the association. Before Chaucer, Valentine's Day were named after two Christian Martyrs of the same name.

And Belarus have a bit grimmer tale... Sait Valentine, after learning rejection of his love, cut out his beating heart and have it sent to her. Now people send heart-shaped cards and candy to atone for hurting the ones you love.

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