Saturday, January 29, 2011

More embarrassment on Chinese News TV

Image representing Gizmodo as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseChinese News CCTV 13 allegedly played a footage of the Chinese J-10 fighter conducting an exercise on 23-JAN-2011 and destroyed a drone. However, sharp-eyed bloggers caught the footage of the explosion as being lifted out of the American movie Top Gun, even though it only last all but 2 seconds.

The news quickly went viral, and was even picked up in the US by sites such as Gizmodo, which is then picked up by other newspapers around the world. 

Turns out the news is even more interesting. I searched on ToDou, the Chinese Youtube clone, and found a "promo tape" from the fighter maker CAIC#1, which shows the same sequence: missile firing, then the 2 seconds of things blowing up, at 3:07 mark.

So we have two levels of fakery here.

1) CCTV13 was showing STOCK footage, not real missile test footage with no attribution

2) The "stock footage" from the plane manufacturer contained a few seconds pirated from Top Gun

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