Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who Goes to Sushi Restaurant to NOT Eat Rice?

A sashimi dinner setImage via WikipediaA self-proclaimed diabetic that's lawsuit-happy, that's who.

A man paid for "all-you-can-eat sushi buffet" at a restaurant in the Greater LA. He grabbed a plate of sushi, but instead of eating them, he picked off just the fish, at those, and tossed the rice. When he head back for seconds, he was refused. When asked why did he tossed the rice, he claimed he was diabetic. The chef offered to let him have 2 orders of sashimi (which comes out to be LESS than the buffet), the guy refused, paid, and left

Two weeks later he came back with a lawsuit. He wants $4000 for humiliation.

His lawyer claims that the restaurant is not "diabetic friendly".

The owner says the guy is abusing the "all you can eat" policy, because the restaurant is offering "all you can eat SUSHI", not all you can eat sashimi.

I am with the owner, and I am diabetic.

Who the **** goes to SUSHI restaurant for DIABETIC FRIENDLY cuisine anyway?,0,1228883.column
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