Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scambusting Through Internet: Reverse Image Search

Eunice Kanenstenhawi WilliamsImage via WikipediaWhen a photo arrives with a description, how do you know if it's really the item / event being illustrated?

You use Reverse Image Search, such as

Let's say someone forwarded you a picture of the most beautiful prison you've ever seen. It's a new SuperMAX prison for the ultra-rich, the e-mail claimed. Is it true?

The correct answer is "it's a prison, but it's NOT in the US". It's actually an Austrian detention center. 

TinEye would have given you the link, and a click would have taken you to a blog entry which identified the REAL place.

However, this can also used to identify picture pirates, who stole / copied pictures without attribute. Scam websites often fill their website with stolen stock photos in order to look somewhat professional.

Do NOT steal pictures blindly on the Internet. People WILL find out.
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