Saturday, June 4, 2011

Why do people keep so much **** around?

Ever seen "hoarders"? They keep so much stuff around they are afraid to throw away ANYTHING. Everything can be useful. thousands of newspaper nobody ever reads, thousands of plastic bags saved some elsewhere... etc. etc.

Here's my philosophy on what to keep (and what not to):

  • Is it useful NOW or today? Put it near you. 
  • Is it useful in a week or so? Put it in a drawer somewhere. 
  • Is it useful in a month or so? Put it in a closet. 
  • Is it useful in a year or so? Put it in storage. 
The remaining are unpractical stuff, like momentos, decorations, and such. So you decide whether you should really keep any of them. 

If there are too much of the unpractical stuff, you should toss them as much as possible, or put them on display (on a wall? shelf?) so it doesn't take up space and look like clutter. 

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