Monday, May 21, 2012

Why do people disguise religious meetings?

I have not been overly fond of religions. I am not an atheist, but I am NOT religious either.

My grandparents are Buddhists, my grandma especially so.

My mom's a Baptist, and my dad is much like me: not religious.

About two weeks ago, my dad said we have to keep Sunday afternoon free to deal with some guy he knew like 20 years ago, something about a birthday. I said, really? You knew someone from _____ 20 years ago, and he's here in San Francisco? What does he do?

No idea. Just go.


So... comes Sunday. I drove over there with my dad. It was a nice house, looks like they just moved in.

Got inside, two dozen people already showed up, and I recognized absolutely no one, which I was not surprised. They are all smiling and chatting. I already feel out of place. My dad was sorta hoping to socialize.

We did drop off some gifts... Some cheap souvenirs we picked up from years back. 

So the event started, and they started by welcoming everybody, about how my dad was nice to the guy when he passed by over a decade ago.

What *did* surprise me was they started handing out hymns, "Jesus was my friend" or something like that.

Even my dad was taken aback, though he didn't show it at the time.

We begged a quick retreat. Instead of a birthday party we ran into a religious event.

And I blame my dad. :D

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