Monday, March 23, 2009

4 slain officers, asshat behavior, and George Washington Carver

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By now, the entire nation has learned of the loss of four of Oakland's Finest, gunned down by one desperate man who decided to to play suicide by cop, but not without shooting a few cops first.

What was truly disturbing are a few disturbed individuals who actually taunted police who responded to the shooting, indicating that the fallen officers "got just desserts". That is total asshat behavior.

Perhaps the Oscar Grant incident was fresh on their mind, but they should well remember that Oscar Grant was shot by BART Police, which is completely separate from Oakland Police. They share nothing except similar uniforms and some shared operational areas.

Then you have the perp's family out on TV pleading "He's not a monster." So what was he? Insane? Or merely desperate? Only someone who's crazy would gun down four cops, at least two deliberately. If he doesn't want to to back to jail, he'd avoid all the stuff that could set him back, and he didn't. Going back to jail for a few months for a parole violation did not change his behavior, only made it worse. He got two firearms when as a parolee he should have NONE, esp. when one of them is an assault weapon (allegedly AK-47 or variant). He missed meeting with his parole officer when that's the only guy that will keep him out of jail. So he doesn't want to go back to jail? Sounds like he wants to go back REALLY BAD, or he wants to DIE REALLY BAD.

And what is it about black men nowadays? So many of them are willing to play the 'victim card' or the 'race card'. They scream about "racial profiling" but they don't help control the crime spree by tipping police off to crimes either during or after, as it's not good to be a "snitch". Well, you want police protection or not? You can't have it both ways.

And finally, do you know who is George Washington Carver? Time Magazine called him a "Black Leonardo [Da Vinci]" in 1941. He was born as slave and son of a slave. That's about as bad as it CAN be in the US of A, wouldn't you agree? Yet he rose to fame and fortune, and this is LONG before "civil rights" and "affirmative action" or even "black power" came into existence. Those didn't exist until the 1960's/70's.

If George Washington Carver can bring himself out of abject poverty after the abolition and became famous and rich, what can't most black men nowadays, with all the advantages we enjoy now like unions, civil rights, affirmative action, and so on, just make a living, and have to resort of desperate crimes?

Or are today's Black Men just such wussies?

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