Friday, March 27, 2009

Rant: never let kids play computer games alone

Parents nowadays are so busy, they often use computers and game consoles as substitute "kid-sitting" devices, and every once in a while, it may lead to disaster.

One such disaster is barely averted when FBI agents intercepted a 13-yr old girl running away from her home in Centerville, Utah to a "wonderful kid" she met online, first playing World of Warcraft, then chatted online and exchanged e-mails. Apparently, her parents had NO IDEA until FBI agents went through her computer and cell phone records.

FBI agents, soon found that this "wonderful kid" was really a 40-year old man who's got long hair, severely overweight, and clearly NOT AS NICE as she thought he was. I mean, you can't DRAW a stereotypical online gamer that doesn't resemble this guy, and yes, this picture is from "South Park". (photo of perp is in the article link below).

After intercepting the girl in Salt Lake City's main Greyhound hub, FBI agents posed as her and resumed the conversation with the perp, and the conversation turned sexual, as the man described in vivid detail what he'd like to do to her, most of which may not be fit for print even in S&M magazines.

Well, enough said. If your kids play online games, make an effort to play with them every once in a while. It's a bonding experience, and it may help them stay out of trouble such as this case.

FBI arrests 40-yr old man who almost lured 13-yr old girl to California

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