Friday, May 1, 2009

I only just now sorta realized how old I am...

I was looking through my credit card statement when I realized that I was STILL paying $9.99 a month for America Online. Yes, AOL. So I called them and canceled. Of course, the rep have scripts trying to keep you as a paying member... They suggest this, suggest that, and only finally reluctantly let you go. Though one interesting item did emerge... I was an AOL member for... twenty years and eight months.

Gee, that means I subscribed when I was just out of high school. Though that would make sense. I subscribed back in 1988, when there's this thing called PC-Link (which is derived from Quantum Link, for Commodore 64 and 128 users). In 1989 the company renamed itself America Online, and redesigned the software for GEOS, and later Windows.

So why did I pay for AOL at all? At the time (a couple years back) I downgraded to their $9.99 limited plan as I want to keep my websites up. I used to run a website called "Star Trek Nexus" that indexed other Star Trek websites and even assigned some ratings. It was manually kept and extremely tedious to the point I stopped after a year or so... I was in school at the time. AOL canceled their webspace late 2008. So you can no longer access Star Trek Nexus... and the Nexus Annex, and the Novel Annex... plus my old website: Kasey's Korner.

Most of the pages are available at Internet Archive's Wayback Machine... But not all of them.

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How the mighty has fallen...

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