Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to spot fake profiles on LinkedIn

Five areas of problems that would indicate a fake profile (or a badly written one)

Photo Problems

Photo problems are with the profile photo itself. 
  • Photos that seem to be way too professional... or UN-professional

    Photos that are too "posed" are clearly suspect. Use TinEye.com on it and you can often find where it was lifted from. 

    ex: that photo of "Jessica Trot" to the right... Is that a pose a professional would show people? TinEye revealed that this is actually an amateur model in Russia who's not afraid to show a bit more skin than that picture.
  • Obvious Stock Photo

    I've seen profile pics that still have the stockphoto website watermark
  • Clearly implausible photo

    ex: Julia Cute claims to be from Pakistan, but "her" picture is obviously Chinese
  • Obvious Star Photo

    Many fake profiles used movie stars, TV stars, sports stars, and more

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