Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Different News, Different Details

San Bruno, California, panorama, looking towar...Image via WikipediaRecently news broke that two seniors were caught growing pot, and police only found this when neighbors reported that two men appeared to have performed an home invasion robbery. Police arrived, found no car, broken door. They went inside, found pot growing operation.

This is where reporting got very hazy, as there are multiple reports, and while the major parts match, the details do not.

So you have to piece the information together from separate reports.

  1. Invasion was 29-APR-2011 2230 hours roughly, two men broken down door, then left after few minutes inside
  2. Address was given as city of San Bruno, 2300 block of Valleywood Dr. 
  3. Neighbors called 911 and reported possible home invasion. 
  4. Police arrived and found broken front door. They saw pot plants through broken door, called in narcs. They also put APB on vehicle and two suspects. 
  5. Suspects caught in South San Francisco soon after. 
  6. Search of vehicle produced 12000 in cash, baggies for pot, (but no pot), and 7 ecxtasy pills. 
  7. One of the suspects in car was linked to another grow house busted by narcs 2 weeks prior. 
  8. Sometime between the invasion and today, the two seniors, suspected pot grower of house that got broken into, was arrested. 
  9. Nobody got bail (which was set at $100K EACH)
If you check the various news reports, none of them gave the full story. This was pieced together by reading through all the available reports. Why can't they just put in all the info at the same place? Sheesh. 

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