Sunday, May 22, 2011

How can people be this dumb? You don't PAY to take surveys!

Apparently up to two million people (most in India) signed up with a company called "SpeakAsia" where they pay for a 'subscription' to a survey e-Magazine, which entitles them to take surveys and get paid. However, the participants get paid a LOT MORE if they recruit MORE people (who also pay for the subscriptions). We're talking $120 for 6 months (or $20 a month) before you make a SINGLE dollar, and you need to pay $60 to take a test to demonstrate your ability to actually take a survey. (WTF?!)

Now a TV expose was done on them, and at least FIVE Indian regulatory agencies are investigating SpeakAsia for everything from tax evasion to plain old "pyramid scheme".

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