Friday, July 1, 2011

Are Conspiracy Theorists More Receptive to Baloney?

Lenticular cloudImage via WikipediaConsider this... Conspiracy Theorists do not accept the "common" view of the events that happened. For whatever personal reasons, they chose to instead embrace a theory / world view that is vastly different (and frequently, completely illogical, when all evidence have been considered).

So it is not too surprising that some people consider them to be prime material for scams, is it? After all, scams require you to pretty much abandon logic and common sense, and instead believe baloney like "shortcut to wealth"

Let me introduce you to this funny as heck item: UFO MLM  (real name)

Here is its entry on MoneyMakerGroup:
"Don't take this for granted folks, the Conspiracy market is well over 1 BILLION people STRONG!! & NOT GOING AWAY any time soon, we're the first & ONLY Co. in the world to tackle this massive niche market from an MLM and a social networking perspective, not to mention this market continues to grow, & With What we have planed, we'll wake them up & recruit them in record Numbers."
Fortunately, this UFO MLM didn't live long. It started in 2009 and died in 2010. Apparently, not even conspiracy theorists like the taste of this baloney.

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