Sunday, July 17, 2011

Why "Avoiding Negativity" is stupid, and people advocating it is also stupid

This sign (pictured) was shown several times t...Image via WikipediaThere are some so-called motivation coaches (esp. MLM coaches, which goes under various names, like "attraction coaches", "networking coaches", and so on), that advocate "avoid negativity". This can be seen on many websites. In fact, some MLMers have even named the people who wants to give MLMers a "reality check" "dream stealers".

And that is just a STUPID idea. It's like trying to eliminate PAIN from your body.

Without pain, you wouldn't know when to stop doing what you're doing. You would hold your hand over an open flame until your hand burned to a charcoal crisp, and you would not even flinch.

Without negativity, you wouldn't know when to stop doing what you're doing either! You would continue to invest time and money and energy into a lost cause until you're in so deep, you can't get out, and you are HAPPY doing so!

What you need to do is eliminate IRRATIONAL FEAR AND DOUBT, NOT ALL NEGATIVITY.

If you eliminate all negativity, you end up being reckless as you have no sense of danger.

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