Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I've been declared Persona-Non-Grata, but NOT by DB

Final update about DB and his friend who has a blog that does good stuff, but is a bit too... insular.

If you have read this blog, you'll find that I had been polite on DB and friend's blog even though they are determined to cast me as an enemy. I spent much of the time agreeing with them, even though I have problems with some of their logic.

They did not like that at all.

Then the "friend" who actually owns the blog put out an entry declaring that I am no longer welcome on his blog, because I have demonstrated my affinity to the Amway scam. What?!

Then I realized that this guy posted a few comments repeating DB's point that there is no such thing as a "legitimate fraud".

I thought DB had abandoned that thought?

But any way, this guy, again, hates the term "legitimate MLM". Apparently any one who claims MLM is legitimate is an enemy. These are his words:

" For the simple reason there were no complaints and the law did not catch up, an illegitimate business would not become legitimate. And this is an established law. You are sounding that it something is legal somewhere because the law did not catch it up. It is sending wrong signals to the gullible. That is why you are not welcome to spread canards."

Clearly, this guy is ignoring the fact that even DB had stated CLEARLY that "MLM has yet to be declared illegal (in the US)". Thus, he refused to acknowledge such a thing as a legitimate fraud. 

Or in other words, he's holding a view "MLM is illegal", even though it's not an absolute truth. And he's banning any one who dare suggest otherwise on his blog all in the name of saving the "gullible", even people who dare suggest a more accurate statement "MLM should be illegal, but has not been outlawed in some areas". 

Now who's being unreasonable? But it is his blog. So, that's it. 

And they claim to be "free-thinkers", *sigh*. 

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