Saturday, September 10, 2011

Update on DB's situation

Getting DB to admit fault is like pulling teeth. What's worse, he has a partner what won't tolerate criticism of DB.

What's worse, DB's writing style is extremely annoying to readers, as he has a tendency to assume things that he had little evidence of, simply to denigrate his "opponent", such as... me.

As I've written on here before, I am NOT DB's opponent. We both hate frauds, albeit we have somewhat different scope.

Yet DB is so fixated on "MLM is a fraud" he refused to accept the fact that "MLM is legal (in the US)". And because I had stated so, he somehow decided I am his opponent. And he proceed to cast various aspersions on me for making such an OBVIOUS STATEMENT OF ACT.

So I ask him why does he not accept this fact, and his reply? MLM is fraud, fraud is illegal, therefore MLM is illegal.  (He then goes into how MLM is a racket that should be charged under the RICO Act and how all law enforcement have been deceived... blah blah blah, more on that later)  And he made a correction... Instead of "MLM is legal", it should be that "MLM has not been declared illegal."

At the time, I was quite tempted to reply, "what's the difference?" Though I decided to concede the point and argue about it later. You see, there is this "presumption of innocence" principle in US law... but later.

So I replied, okay, I'll change that, I agree. But you could have said that in ONE SENTENCE! You were extremely wordy!

Then his partner took offence of that observation and DELETED MY COMMENT, even the part where I AGREE WITH THE CHANGES!

More on that later.

I posted a FURTHER explanation. DB refused to accept that there is such a thing as "legal fraud". According to DB, fraud cannot be legal, even though it clearly does exist, such as when law failed to catch up with changing times. (EX: Stalking wasn't illegal until laws are passed specifically against it only after some stalker killed famous actress, if I recall correctly).

It's clear that DB's mind is made up, and refused to consider any facts I present. So I hauled out an expert who we BOTH admired, and a direct quote from him that clearly stated that there is such a thing as "legal fraud". He even named multiple examples.

To my surprise, DB's next blogpost made NO mention of me, no more personal attacks on me, my thought process, my nationality and so on.

A truce is perfectly acceptable.

We'll discuss possible application of RICO to MLM "racket" next time.
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